Company Profile:

Digital Deadbolt is an Atlanta based software development company established in 2005 that primarily focuses on consulting and creating web based business applications. Prior to 2005, the company operated under the name "Compudude Computers & Networks" formed in 1997 and later incorporated in 2003. During those years, computer consulting and networking administration were really the only services we provided but were beginning to explore the idea of expanding to include more.    read more ->>><<<- read less

At the time, our business customers would often ask for assistance in finding solutions to deal with their day to day operational challenges. We could usually find a comprehensive software suite that offered everything they needed and then some. However, the problem with many of these was that the initial cost of ownership, per user licensing, and annual support maintenance contracts were incredibly expensive. Smaller companies needing this type of solution for growth usually could not afford it. On the other hand, if an all-in-one solution could not be found for a reasonable price then we would search for individual products, each targeting specific a specific task. The problem here was that it was up to us to figure out how to string them all together and make everything work.

It was here that our journey into the world of software development began. We started by writing simple scripts that soon evolved into middle-wares that could read data from one product and pass it along to another. By the way these products knew absolutely nothing about each other. This worked sometimes if the product offered some sort of mass import feature or service development kit which made customizations possible. However, this middle-ware approach did not always work and when it did you ended up with what we call a "Frankenstein." In addition, there are two of fundamental flaws with this method of problem solving. If any link in the chain were to fail then so goes the entire process since each product does not know about the other, there is no error correction control in place to deal with abnormalities. Another issue can arise if any one piece of software changes or is no longer supported by newer operating systems. In this case you are back to square one, only now you have legacy data that will need to be converted or made compatible with the new solution. Every company big and small progressing into the digital age has to deal with these types of problems.

It was becoming clear that there was an obvious need for dependable yet affordable software that could be custom- ized to meet customer needs and not impose excessive per-user licensing models and expensive maintenance agreements. We envisioned that when you buy our soft- ware then you really own it and will never be charged for increasing number of users or volume of data. Within two years and several successful projects later, the company was all in and had found a new calling. It was now time for a bit of rebranding which included a new name and image that better represented the traditional and expanded services we now offered. Seriously, would you buy software from a company named Compudude?

Today we are stronger than ever and continue to evolve and refine our methods in order to produce rock solid solutions as efficiently as possible. All of our code templates incorporate secure regular expressions for validation of all input data, pagination and request limits to ensure that your data will never outgrow its interface by keeping large requests manageable, intuitive interfacing that requires minimal training, and many other features that set us apart from others.

To conclude, we would like to take a second to thank members of the open source community who selflessly contribute their time and talent in making a brighter future where access to information is free and available to all. Their continued collaboration has been instrumental in offering the world their flagship vehicle "Linux" which happens to be the most significant operating system ever written. There are several links along the bottom that represent the specific open source products that we use and are essential to our success. In addition, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about us and please visit the rest of our site to find out more about our services, projects, and pricing.