Consulting & Administration:

hourly rate (regular rate for non-contract customers): $75.00 hr
project rate (terms - software development bulk hours): $25-$50 hr
contract rate (pre-purchased maint. hours - 8hr increments): $500.00 yr

Web Applications:

The initial install of the server operating system (Linux Ubuntu Server) and console (see "Projects" page for details) which are both a one-time fee of $200.00.

All database tables within a Digital Deadbolt application will require one or two management interfaces used to search, add, modify, and delete information. We will refer to these as summary and extended interfaces. Some tables may not require the extended interface (if the total number of fields within the table are less than seven). The primary difference between the two is that summary is designed to view and summarize all records within a table while extended focuses on displaying the specifics of a single record. For every table, up to six of its fields will be designated as special key fields that will be searchable and therefore appear in the summary interface. In short, every table is required to have a summary interface and only some will have the extended view. More information on the inner workings of these interfaces can be found below but for now let's get back to counting beans. The cost for each table with summary and extended management interface is $150.00. This price covers tables that have twelve or less fields and require one or both management interfaces. Any table with more than twelve fields will be charged $25.00 for each additional field exceeding twelve.

Example: Let's say you want a simple application for tracking customer returns and will record information such as the store location, department, salesperson, date and time of purchase, and reason for return. To begin this project you would probably need at least three tables for this project. The first would be a table for the stores which would contain something like location ID, name, address, phone, & location manager. The second would be a table for the sales folks and would have something like associate ID, name, phone, location, department, and position title. The third would be a table where the actual returned items would be stored and probably have less than twelve fields of information. For this particular application there will be no need for any workflow customizations or additional business logic. The integrated access controls offer more than enough features and therefore will not have any additional customization fees.

Despite the title, Gerard Beckerleg on SSW-TV makes
some really great points on estimating projects.

The estimated cost of this project:

Initial Setup Fee: $200.00
Associate Table: $150.00
Location Table: $150.00
Returns Table: $150.00
Project Cost: $650.00

Please note the following:

1. The management interfaces come with access controls that allow you to restrict or grant the ability to view, add, update, or delete application data based on user type, location, assigned group, or user specific rules. This works well for most simple applications but if you need custom business logic added to enhance workflow, then there will be additional costs. I would like to point out that most logic enhancements can be done cost effectively and will transform your record entry system into a fully featured business application that is crafted around the way your business works.

2. The pricing above covers reading from and writing to a single database where the console resides. Connecting to additional databases or interfacing with existing applications will incur additional charges.

3. The pricing above does not cover hardware or domain registration fees. We can install our software on almost anything you provide. If you do not have a server or hypervisor for us to use, then we can put you in touch with Dell or HP and assist you with your purchase at no additional charge. We can also help with the purchase of a domain and take care of setting it up during the initial install. Domains range from $9.00 - $22.00 annually. If you already have a domain then we can use it and even create a special DNS name for our server to answer on if we should need to.

4. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a general breakdown of costs for customizations because there are simply too many unknown variables to consider. Every application is different and requires its own special workflow making it unique. However, most applications do have many similarities which can be found within the summary and extended interfaces. Within these two interfaces, features such as search, sort, add, update, and delete are available. These are things needed by almost every program and offer an out-of-the-box record entry system with comprehensive access controls while also serving as a great starting point. In short, the project will need to be discussed in order to determine these additional costs because some are quick and easy to implement while others take time. I would like to point out that the average so far range between two and five times the cost of the basic interfaces mentioned above.