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In addition to software development, we also offer a wide range of computer consulting and network administration services. In fact, we were doing this long before expanding into software. Many of our cost-saving solutions might be of interest to smaller companies just getting started with their first server. These solutions allow you to operate like the big boys by offering a web, e-mail, remote access, database, and file server that can be hosted at your location for a small fraction of the cost incurred by larger networks. For the larger corporations with an established infrastructure, we would like to be considered for developing your next software application. One of our key advantages in offering more for less is made possible by leveraging the power of the Linux operating system. An open source developer once said "standing on the shoulders of giants allows us to see much further than ourselves and reach higher than ever before imagined." Ubuntu and other Debian based distributions are our preferred choice of operating systems because of their seamless package management and long term support. However, we also do our fair share of Windows networking and were doing this long before we knew anything about Linux. In fact, we actually prefer a mix of Windows and Linux working together within your network offering you the best each have to offer.

Our goal is to offer competitive pricing for rock solid products that can scale as your company continues to grow. In addition, we do not tack in extra fees like other software vendors. Once you buy our software, you own it and will never be charged extra for adding more users or exceeding any other threshold for that matter. If you require a support agreement, we can offer it at a very reasonable rate or you can also just pay our hourly rate whenever you end up needing it. However, customers who pay for maintenance agreements will receive a reduced hourly rate and receive higher priority. Below is a detailed list outlining many of the services we offer. Please feel free contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or would like a quote for any of these services.

Software Development
Linux File, DNS, & DHCP Services
Linux Firewalls & Remote Access
Windows Active Directory
Windows Terminal Servers
Microsoft SQL Server
Offsite Backups
Computer & Workstation Repair
Business Networking
Linux Hosted Web & Email
MySQL & Postgres Databases
Windows Hosted Web & Email
VMWare, Hyper-V, & Virtualbox
Routers & Firewalls Appliances
Virtualization & Cloud Computing
Virus & Malware Removal